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Dragons Lair

About me

Who am I? #

I’m a Linux and technology enthusiast from Germany who likes maintaining servers and all kind of Linux related things to learn more about how these things actually work inside. Wherever possible I’m trying to spread the world about open source and Linux! I’m also developer at Garuda Linux as part of a team which is trying to provide a modern and performance focused operating system for interested people, an activity I enjoy a lot since quite some time! Recently I also became the main maintainer of Chaotic-AUR (which also serves as our repo). Since the beginning of this journey I had the possibility to work with an amazing team and learned a lot while doing so! These days I mostly hang around at the Garuda Linux forum & Telegram to make sure everything is working as expected - feel free to come by 👋

Yes, music is also a big part of my life! #

I felt like dropping some goodness here 😋 Carnifex all the way! 💀

My hardware #

My personal laptop is a Lenovo Slim 7, a great 14" device with a lot of power thanks to its 8 core AMD Ryzen 7 4800u. Even though this is in fact a low power CPU, it relatively quick and provides amazing battery life. You might have guessed it already - its operating system is Garuda dr460nized! 🐉

What is inside of this server? #

This server most likely the most powerful one I ever had the pleasure to be admin of. It is a root server rented at Netcup with 14 dedicated cores of an AMD Epyc 7702 processor and 64GB RAM running Arch Linux - generously sponsored by SGS 😍

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