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What is Chaotic-AUR? 👀 #

As Chaotic-AUR is the repository (kind of an app store for Linux distributions) of Garuda Linux and one of the user repositories with the most (and most useful) packages out there I decided to provide another mirror for it. Especially a massive increase in web traffic on the main server made this necessary! The repo can be accessed at and can be found in the chaotic-mirrorlist package as well. 📃

What and how many packages does it provide? 📦 #

Chaotic-AUR provides everyday applications such as Spotify, GitHub Desktop, Visual Studio Code Insiders, a variety of Linux-tkg kernels and a lot of other software which is not available in the official Arch repositories. The loss of the 380GB RAM main cluster in December 2020 made changes necessary and our Garuda builder became one of new three clusters to build individual packages for Chaotic-AUR. About 2630 of the previous over 4000 packages have been recovered until now and building packages is automated again! 😊

How does this server help Chaotic-AUR? 📈 #

This server is also a Chaotic-AUR builder to help with compiling all those great packages which couldn’t have been updated daily otherwise! Currently, it builds the entire KDE/Plasma -git stack (bleeding edge, daily compiled packages), most of the stuff I use personally & some of the requested packages daily. Have a look here to have some insight 😊

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