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The FireDragon browser

Initial idea 🐺 #

Recently we got to know that Mozilla no longer supports a free internet. Their browser, Firefox, collects a lot of telemetry by default. Since using Chromium based browsers is not really an alternative (There shouldn’t be a single browser engine dictating web standarts! 👀), some people decided to step in and provide a better solution. Librewolf is a community maintained project which removes the privacy compromising parts and provides an additionally hardened browser config. That means no about:config tweaking is needed to get going - everything just works after opening the browser for the first time. It has a few drawbacks though: It does not integrate well into Garuda dr460nized and has too strict default settings for most people.

Creating an alternative 🐉 #

When I found out that a talented Maintainer brought a PKGBUILD to AUR which is able to build Librewolf from Firefox’ nightly branch I was definitely interested in using it! Even better, with some modifications I was able to build a custom branded version with my own settings called FireDragon. The initial idea was to create a fork of librewolf-hg however this quickly changed when the Garuda forum got interested in a stable version as well. This fork ships saner defaults to also include regular (not paranoid 😋) users of Garuda Linux in its audience and ships with the searX search engine by default, some handpicked patches from Gentoo, Ubuntu & Debian and some useful addons. Of course FireDragon is available at Chaotic-AUR - the nightly firedragon-hg package is even built daily from the latest source!

Notable features 🔥 #

There are some features which I absolutely love about this browser:

  • Appmenu support thanks to Ubuntu patches
  • Enhanced KDE integration thanks to OpenSUSE patches
  • Better system library usage thanks to Gentoo patches
  • Uses the selfhosted syncserver of Garuda to sync the Mozilla account
  • Uses the selfhosted Whoogle instance of Garuda as default search engine

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